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Where are you located?

We are based in Lund, Sweden. We are specialized in Family and Maternity Photography. 

How early should I book my session?

If you are interested in both a maternity and newborn session, it is best to contact us when you are in your 5th-6th month of pregnancy.  The best time for maternity portraits is when you are between 28-36 weeks, and I typically book up about 4-6 weeks in advance.  If you choose to book a maternity session with your newborn session, we put both sessions on the calendar when you reserve the package.  If you need a newborn session only, it is best to reserve your session about 6 weeks before your expected due date to ensure availability.  Please do not wait until your baby is born – I only photograph newborns who are 5-14 days old.

What should we wear?

We will have a pre-session consultation (usually over the phone) to discuss specific wardrobe ideas about a week or two before your session. 

What do I need to bring to the session?  

All you need to bring is yourself (and your baby!)  We have Maternity dresses and cute props for the newborn which can be used during the photoshoot.  If there is something specific that you would like to have photographed with your baby, please feel free to bring it along.

What time of day will my session be held?

Most maternity sessions are held on-location, in the evening, right before sunset.  This is often called ‘the golden hour’  and it is when the sun casts a warm, beautiful glow on your skin. Baby sessions have their choice of outdoor or indoor sessions based on the weather and preferences.  Outdoor sessions are generally held in the evening and indoor studio sessions during the day. 

When will I see my photos?

You will get an online image gallery 2 weeks after the photo shoot, so you can choose your pictures sitting at home. You can pick which ones you would like to keep.

Can we buy more images?

Of course you have an option to buy more images.

What happens if we need to reschedule?

Sickness happens, and rain does too.  If it happens to rain on the day of your maternity session, we will reschedule to the first mutually available date possible.  No worries!

How does it work with payment?

You pay 50% of the fees has to be paid before the shoot to secure your place with us. Rest can be paid after the delivery of pictures. Advance payment is non-refundable, if you cancel the shoot.

Do you have any other question?

Feel free to ask 

Thanks for submitting!

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