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What to Expect....


Consultation: Before the  session, I like to have a chat with the expectant parents. This helps me understand their expectations, preferences, and any specific ideas they may have for the photos. It's a great opportunity to connect and understand your requirements.

Location: Maternity § Family sessions can take place in various locations. Whether it's in a cozy home environment, the studio, or the beauty of nature, I work with the parents to choose a location that aligns with their vision for the photos.

Maternity Dresses
Maternity Dresses

Wardrobe: I have a nice collection of outfits for moms-to-be suitable for outdoors and studio session. This  includes beautiful maternity dresses, gowns, or more casual and personal clothing and accessories. I provide guidance on choosing outfits that will complement the baby bump and enhance the overall aesthetic.

Gravid foto lund

Posing: During the session, I guide the families § parents through various poses to capture flattering angles and highlight the beauty of the pregnancy. This involves a mix of sitting, standing, and lying down poses to create a diverse set of images.

Partner and Sibling Involvement: Including the expectant father and any siblings is important to me. I guide the entire family through poses and interactions to create heartwarming images that capture the excitement and anticipation of the upcoming arrival.


Natural Lighting: I prefer to use natural light whenever possible or supplement it with additional lighting equipment to create a soft and flattering atmosphere for the images.

Retouching and Editing: After the session, I meticulously edit and retouch the photos to enhance colors, contrast, and overall image quality. This ensures that the final images are polished and ready for sharing or printing.

Digital Images or Prints: Depending on the package chosen by the parents, they'll receive either digital images for online sharing and printing or physical prints of their favorite images.



Customization: Every session is unique, and I strive to tailor the experience to the individual preferences and style of the parents. Communication before and during the session is key to ensuring a personalized and enjoyable photography experience.

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Lund-22228, Sweden  /  Tel. 0727795631

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